We offer personalised financing through securitiesbacked financing and insurance policy-backed financing. 

Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and analyse your current financial situation.

We will:

 –    Assess and determine the right solution for you

–    Anticipate and respond to your needs

–    Work closely with you from application to funding your loan

–    Offer ongoing, personalised support throughout the financing period

Typical Types of personalised financing packages:

    Business loan/Working Capital loan

Finance your business’ day-to-day operations.

Starting and running a business is a huge commitment. It is never easy to manage the inflow / outflow of the business, and temporary cash flow gaps that may arise.

We offer a financing service to help you out with your working capital, business expansion and other business needs.


    Education loan

Perhaps you are thinking of furthering your studies?

Higher education may widen your career prospects, help you obtain that promotion and expose you to a new set of skills. However, the costs associated with the studies can be hefty.

We offer a financing service to help to cover your tuition fees throughout your study.


    Renovation loan

Building a comfortable house is a dream for everyone.

However, renovating a flat in Singapore can be costly. Prices can go higher if you are engaging an interior designer to design your dream home.

We offer a financing service to help you spread out your payment over time, so you can spend your time on the things that matter the most – building your dream home. 


    Wedding loan

Every couple wishes to have the wedding of their dreams.

However, a wedding held in a hotel or restaurant is costly and a hefty sum for a couple to fork out at one time. 

We offer a financing service to help you spread out your payment over time, so you can focus on creating the best memories/scenes in your life.


    Liquidity/Lifestyle loan

Owning a property, investments in the financial market and insurance may be on most people’s minds. However, such assets lack liquidity, as most of the earnings are invested into assets mentioned.

We offer a financing service to help you unlock your assets’ value, turn it into cash, and enhance your cash liquidity. You may improve your lifestyle quality with the additional money received.

  • Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident and Foreigner with a valid pass
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be employed/self employed

Term Loan
Monthly interest servicing only [I only]
Flexible repayment on Principal. Repay Principal latest by loan due date
Enjoy lower repayments
More cash flow flexibility



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Funds will be disbursed to you within 1 working day

Receive Funds

Monthly repayments for the loan are to be paid via GIRO. We will assist you in setting up the GIRO arrangement.
If the GIRO arrangement is not done before the due date, you can pay via paynow or bank transfer:
  • Pay Now

    Please select “UEN” in your paynow payment option, UEN number: 198305883C. The payee display name is PHILLIP CREDIT P L-L M

  • Bank transfer

    Please see the bank details as below,

    Bank Name : Standard Chartered Bank
    Branch Name : Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
    Branch Code : 001
    Branch Address : 6 Battery Road
    Postcode : 049909
    Country : Singapore
    Account Name : Phillip Credit Pte Ltd
    Bank Account Type : Current
    Account Number : 0105068489
    Currency : Singapore Dollar


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